January 2018 Senior Spotlight

senior spotlight Jan 2018

The Senior Spotlight winner for the month of January is Gabe Nagel. Gabe is the son of Philip and Joanna Nagel. During his high school career, Gabe was involved in Scholastic Bowl, WYSE, Soccer, Wrestling, and Track. He was also a Writing Center tutor and a 2-time Student of the Month.

His future plans are to join the Air Force to work as a histopathologist. While in the Air Force, he plans to get a doctorate degree in medicine.

Here are a few thoughts from Gabe’s teachers. Mrs. Bugg says that Gabe is “the most responsible, empathetic, mature person in the whole building!!  He is a natural leader and is friendly and helpful to all students.  One of the best overall kids I have taught in 30 years!” Mr. Roth believes that Gabe is “very polite and respectful.  He has a good sense of humor and is fun to be around.  He pays attention and works hard in class.  He is well-liked by other students and teachers alike.” Mrs. McGarey appreciates that Gabe is “always upbeat and works hard.  He’s the go-to guy for presidential questions in Scholastic Bowl!” Mrs. Benoit says that Gabe, “always has a smile on his face, and is willing to help anyone.  He is admired by many of his peers.  He is very successful in his classes because he is organized, completes his work on time, and helps others, too.” Mrs. Leveille “had the pleasure of having Gabe as a freshman in her Honors Biology class and remembered him laughing every day! He had a positive energy that he shared with his classmates.  He competed with us on the WYSE team last year that took 2nd place at the regional competition. He has an interest in science and would always ask questions!” Mrs. Elliott says that Gabe “is always pleasant and appreciative. He works hard towards his goals and doesn’t shy away from difficult tasks.” Mr. Gleixner says that “Gabe is a great student and person. He is the ideal student-athlete, and he is awesome for handing out “Nagel’s Bagel’s” last year.”

As a final thought, Gabe’s advice to younger students is, “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, we would like to congratulate Gabe Nagel as our January winner of the Senior Spotlight.

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