October 2017 Senior Spotlight


The Senior Spotlight winner for the month of October is Cory McGregor. Cory is the son of Cecilia Pickard and Marty McGregor. During his high school career, Cory was involved in Football, Basketball, Track, NHS, SSA, Math Team, WYSE, Homework Depot tutor, and was a Student of the Month.

His future plans are to study engineering at a 4-year university.

Here are a few thoughts from Cory’s teachers. Mrs. Leveille says that Cory “has been a part of the WYSE team for the last 2 years and is one of the few to compete as a sophomore. Cory is a great leader and role model for classmates; he has a positive attitude and is always polite. He even helped rescue a frog that was illegally brought back into the building after a trip to the pond!” Mrs. Bugg says that Cory “has been impressive since his freshmen year in health class when he set the record for most cat stickers earned in a semester.  Even though he is a senior, he is still in the top 5 all-time leaders.  He is confident, polite, mannerly and extremely mature for his age.” Mrs. Valiente believes that Cory “is an absolute rock star. He is kind, he is intrinsically driven, he understands the importance of balancing a rigorous academic schedule while also participating in sports and maintaining friendships. He’s really just the best.” Mrs. Rankin appreciates that Cory “is a very diligent worker and a positive influence and leader in the classroom.” Mr. Carrescia agrees that Cory “is a hard worker, is looked up to by his peers, is always willing to go above and beyond to get his work done, and is an all-around good kid.” Ms. Faletti says that Cory “is a well-rounded student.  He’s conscientious, responsible, hard-working, and involved in his school and community.” Mr. Welsh is pleased to note that “Cory is a member of the executive committee in the Reed-Custer branch of the National Honors Society.” Mr. Wolf believes that  Cory “represents everything good about a high school student-athlete.  He is a role model to his peers, and he isn’t afraid to challenge himself.  Cory is honest, kind, and hard-working.  These attributes and many others will make him successful in whatever endeavor he chooses.” Mrs. Benoit says that Cory is “kind and volunteers his time to help others achieve success in academics while always having a smile on his face.  He is an ideal student.”

As a final thought, Cory’s advice to younger students is, “Always believe in yourself and do the best that you can do.”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, we would like to congratulate Cory McGregor as our October winner of the “Senior Spotlight”.

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