Senior Spotlight: September 2017

senior spotlight september 2017

The Senior Spotlight winner for the month of September is Emily Wolf. Emily is the daughter of Mark and Katie Wolf. During her high school career, Emily was involved in softball, volleyball, Math Team, Student Council, NHS, marching band, jazz band, pep band, choir, madrigals, WYSE, pit orchestra, Thespian Club, Homework Depot tutor, RC Chatter, Scholastic Bowl, Fall Play, Spring Musical, and SSA. Her future plans are to major in mathematics at an, as of yet undecided, 4-year university.

Here are a few thoughts from Emily’s teachers. Mrs. Sukley says that she is “lucky enough to know Emily outside the classroom as I am able to witness her charisma, contagious, positive attitude and infectious laugh on the softball field. Not only is she the first to offer help to an underclassman, but she is selfless and for that, Emily is one that is looked up to not only on the softball field but in the classroom as well.” Mrs. Van Duyne says that she “has had the pleasure of coaching Emily for 2 years. Besides being a great player, Emily is a great leader on and off the volleyball court. Her teammates respect and admire her which is why she was named captain. Emily leads the team with dignity and pride for the sport of volleyball. She is a hard worker and always has a positive attitude and a smile to share.” Mrs. Dennis appreciates that Emily “always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She is role model for her peers and younger classmates. She is organized and works hard in all of her sports, music, and activities.” Mr. Horton believes that Emily’s “intelligence is demonstrated most clearly in her kindness toward others. To be smart and mean is easy. To be smart and kind, however, takes real intellect.” Mrs. Valiente says that Emily “surpasses her peers in charisma, kindness, and drive. She truly understands the importance of balancing a strong work ethic with a healthy dose of humor/fun, and I admire her for this.” Mrs. Leveille says that Emily “is an awesome student and is a great leader, always willing to help others in the class. What I like best about Emily is that she is always smiling; she has a positive attitude that spreads to those who are around her.” Mrs. Patton enjoys that Emily “is a very self-motivated, dedicated and hard- working student and athlete. She’s friendly, enthusiastic and makes being around her fun.” Ms. Faletti appreciates that Emily “is a responsible, conscientious young woman who gives her best at everything she does. Whether in school or on the athletic field, Emily is a team player who is willing to help out anyone in need.” Mr. Meyer says that Emily is “a great kid who is always involved in any class.” Mrs. Bugg believes that Emily “is a multi-talented senior who excels in athletics, the arts and academics. She is conscientious, mature and, most of all, incredibly thoughtful and empathetic. One of the best all-around, exceptional kids to ever go through Reed -Custer High School!!” Mrs. Johnston thinks that Emily is “one of the most responsible young ladies that I have ever met. She always puts her classwork first. She also has a smile for everyone! She is a perfect role model for younger students.” Mrs. Benoit says that Emily is “an outstanding student because she is respectful, polite, self-motivated to learn, and she possesses the ability to solve problems. Emily puts in her max effort into everything she does. She is a natural leader – always eager to help someone while ensuring others feel confident in their work. Emily does everything with a smile on her face!!”

As a final thought, Emily’s advice to younger students is, “Always work hard and try your best, but remember to have fun!”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, we would like to congratulate Emily Wolf as our September winner of the “Senior Spotlight”.

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