5 Questions with Coach Gleixner


Coach Andy Gleixner is the head coach for the boys soccer team at RCHS.

Q: What are some of your team goals for this season?
A: The team has some higher goals this year than in past seasons. They want to have the most wins in over a decade. We also are hoping to win some big games and put Reed-Custer on the soccer map. They have done a good job working towards these goals so far.

Q: You have started the season off with two losses at home…how do you keep the boys motivated and not get too down with several games yet to play in the season?
A: With the group that I have, motivation is not that hard. Even though we lost two at home, we found a lot of positives from Thursday’s match. We are already getting more offense then we did last season. We sort of had this “coming together” moment last night even though we lost. We had a realization that we can play well enough to win a lot of games. The boys do a great job motivating themselves and each other.

Q: What have been the highlights of the first two games for you?
A: I would say I have very happy with the way we reacted Thursday night after getting dominated on Tuesday. We could have sat back and said “ok, this is what it is” but they came out with more energy than I have seen in a LONG time and scored first and were leading for a while against Plano. It’s a great tool to motivate and move forward and the beauty of it is that the entire team sees it and understands that.

Q: How are you preparing for the Somonauk Tournament and what is your goal for this Saturday?
A: Light workout. We don’t need to change much. I have a lot of veterans and they understand the grind that Saturday brings. We just encourage them to hydrate often and eat well. Get lots of rest. If we do the little things right, the soccer will come. The older guys have the experience and drive to make sure of that.

Q: Anything else you would like to say about the season so far or about the upcoming games?
A: We are really excited and looking forward to the challenges ahead. You know, in years past I think we had guys that just came out to play. This group knows that they can play and give other teams fits. We are excited about that.

Interview by Chatter Staff Teacher John Voris. 

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