January Senior Spotlight


The Senior Spotlight winner for the month of January is Jordan Carnaghi. Jordan is the son of Richard Carnaghi and Janette Steinhilber. During his high school career, Jordan was involved in Student Council, Math Team, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Madrigals, Speech, RC Chatter, Musical Pit, Baseball, Football, and Track. He was also a Class Representative.

His future plans are to attend the University of Iowa to study business and accounting.

Here are a few thoughts from Jordan’s teachers. Mrs. Dennis says that Jordan is “a talented musician and athlete. He has a great attitude about life and is an effective leader in the school.” Mr. Wolf believes that Jordan “has demonstrated a commitment to help his peers. He has gone the extra mile on a number of different occasions to help his classmates and teammates.” Ms. Faletti says that Jordan is “intelligent and caring. He will go well out of his way to help anyone in need. His personality makes him one of the easiest students to have a conversation with.” Mr. Brand appreciates that Jordan is “a charismatic and confident leader. His sense of humor and ability to see the bright side make him a great person to be around if ever you need a pick-me-up.” Mrs. Bugg says that Jordan is “absolutely the best of the best. Mature beyond his years and gifted with endless talent! I would welcome him into my own family!!” Mrs. Valiente believes that Jordan is “the true definition of a leader. No matter what life throws at him, he accepts it head on and overcomes. I commend him on having such and admirable trait at such a young age.” Mr. Klein says that Jordan is “a very well-rounded student. He also has a great personality. There isn’t a day that goes by without Jordan making me laugh during a passing period.” Mrs. Olszta appreciates that Jordan “brings fun and levity to the classroom, yet does so while maintaining respect for his teachers and for the subject matter. He has a great appreciation for my class, and therefore, as a teacher, I look forward to teaching his class as well.” Mr. Carrescia says that Jordan is “a friend to many. He is a Reed-Custer Super Fan and tries to bring people together. Jordan is always willing to help a classmate out whether it’s with academics or something else.” Mr. Newsom says that Jordan is a “bright, witty, responsible young man. He also has a better beard that most of the male staff here at RCHS. On top of all that, he’s just a nice kid—the kind of student you always wish you had more of in class.”

As a final thought, Jordan’s advice to younger students is “Do not fear the unknown; embrace it.”

On behalf of the teachers and staff at RCHS, we would like to congratulate Jordan Carnaghi as our January winner of the “Senior Spotlight”.

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