FCCLA 6th Annual Box City


On the night of October 20th, the members of the RCHS FCCLA Chapter will be camping out in boxes in front of the school. The project will raise awareness, money, and canned donations for the hungry and homeless.

The Chatter talked with Mrs. Wilkey about the annual event.

C: What time will students be “camping”?

W: Students set up camp from 5-8 that night.  We camp from 8 pm-6 am.

C: How many students will be participating?

W: We typically have 15-20 students camp out.

C: What is the purpose of Box City?

W: The purpose is to raise awareness about homelessness and to also raise funds for the local food pantry.

C: Where does the name Box City come from?

W: The first box city we took part in was held as a fundraiser for Day Break Homeless Shelter in Joliet IL.  The name is used by many homeless shelters as an annual event.  Our students decided they liked the idea of the event but wanted to money we raised to go to the people in our community. 

C: Where will Box City be located?

W: We set up camp in front of the main entrance of the high school office.  This allows parents to become aware of our event as they come and go from parent teacher conferences.

C: What do the participants do during the event?

W: We play games, eat snacks, and drink hot chocolate and coffee to keep warm.  The main issue students have with the event is not having access to charge their phones during the event.  It is also a wake-up call to them to see how even the most simplest tasks, such as using the restroom, become difficult when you don’t have one easily accessible.  Another freedom they take for granted is the feeling of safety.  While we have the Braidwood Police patrolling our area, camping out in the elements gives the students a sense of the danger the homeless face every night. 

How can you help? Contact an FCCLA member to make a monetary donation or bring canned goods or paper products into any of the Reed-Custer Schools during Parent-Teacher Conferences on Thursday, October 20th. All proceeds will be donated to the Community Care Center of Braidwood.

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