Start Your Day at RCHS with Breakfast


This interview was conducted on 11/23/15 and includes answers to some of the students FAQs and some insight on what went into the addition of a breakfast option at RCHS. Would you like to listen to the interview? If so, please click here.

What Payment options will be available to the students?

It can come out of your lunch account but, also same as with lunch you can bring money. It’s a $1.50 per student and students on the free and reduced lunch program will actually get breakfast for free.

At what times will we be able to purchase a breakfast?

Everyday from 7:15am-7:45am in the Comet Cafe, breakfast will be available.

Will any special conditions apply to certain days like late start or half days?

No, it should be available everyday at the same time. So that way we can stay consistent, with everyday.

What kinds of food and drink will be available?

They’ll be granola bars, some milk, a variety of different types of cereals, and of course a fruit option, kind of like a continental breakfast.

What led to the decision to start serving breakfast?

Actually we’ve been doing it in some of our other buildings, such as the grade schools. It was based off our percent of free and reduced lunch students. We are required because we are over the 40% threshold. Again this is for the good of the students we’re really doing it because we feel that it is what’s best. Let’s say if a student isn’t getting breakfast at home we want them to have something to eat before they start their school day.

Who will be serving breakfast?

Well it will actually be Ms. Montana, most of our students probably know Ms. Montana from the middle school. She used to run our middle school cafeteria, and now she is “semi-retired.” So she’ll be helping us out with many different aspects but this is just one of them.

We actually already have a breakfast option with the Comet Stop (School Store) how does will this improve on the idea of breakfast at RCHS?

Well, the cafeteria is a little better suited for a breakfast environment, you know we’ll have the tables set up so students can come in and sit down. Our current seating in the morning, by the Comet Stop is a little bit limited in seating. So it’s just a better environment for breakfast.

Now will students be able to come in and sit in the cafeteria or will they have to buy breakfast?

Typically it’ll be for kids that want to go in and get breakfast, we don’t want every student in there, but if they want to get something to eat they have a place to eat it, but we are asking that the food stays in the cafeteria and does not end up in the hallways and makes a mess for the custodians.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Well, I think that it’s good for our students we think it’s really important that you feed your body and your brain so you’re ready for school everyday. We’re excited that this is finally coming to Reed-Custer High School and we hope that our students enjoy it.

Breakfast will begin being offered to students on Monday, November 30, 2015 from 7:15am – 7:45am.

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