Chatter Newscast for the Week of September 28, 2015


The Chatter newscast for the week of September 28th has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel. This episode has a running time of 6 minutes 17 seconds. Click here to watch the episode.

This episode was made possible thanks to the talent, generosity, and assistance of the following students and staff both in front and behind the cameras:

  • Georgia Votta
  • Jordan Carnaghi
  • Mason Roach
  • Elizabeth Generoso
  • Justin Murphy
  • Logan Zacharias
  • Adam Wright
  • Robert Miller
  • Randall Becker
  • Joe Kalmes
  • Sabrina Duran
  • Kasey Davalos
  • Megan Taylor
  • Mianna Schaefer
  • Carson Anderson
  • Nikki Thompson
  • Mia Kuchar
  • Kassidy Castillo
  • Mr. Scasny
  • Mr. Ricketts
  • Mr. Smith
  • Mr. Anderson
  • Mr. Kettwig
  • Ms. Johnston
  • Mr. Newsom
  • Ms. Dennis
  • Mr. Brand
  • Ms. Hogan
  • Ms. Wilkey
  • Ms. Buob
  • Ms. Barber
  • Ms. Elliott
  • Ms. Elsner
  • Ms. Headrick
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