2015 All-Conference Artists

IMG_7448 IMG_7451

Congratulations to Arianna Garcia and Kristina Kancler for winning the All Conference Art Portfolio competition! There were 15 outstanding portfolios entered this year from the twelve I-8 Conference schools. Kristina Kancler actually received the highest score out of the entire portfolio competition. Arianna Garcia was a close 2nd. The five portfolios with the highest scores were chosen for “All-Conference Champs”. Reed-Custer was the only school that had two winners. This is the 25th consecutive year one or both of the art students representing RCHS has been selected as an “All Conference Artists”. Arianna and Kristina join a long and distinguished list of talented art students who have been honored as “All-Conference Artists” at RCHS going back every year to 1991.

  • 2014: Kaitlyn Bossolono & Justin Wagner
  • 2013: Marian Barton & Christina Crater
  • 2012: Stefanie Heintz & Deirdre Nitsche
  • 2011: Megan Rose & Gabrielle Welsh
  • 2010: Rachel Graff & Jade Urban
  • 2009: Rachel Supple & Lauren Urban
  • 2008: Marisol Arreola & Christina Termain
  • 2007: Brandon Holland & Blair Stiles
  • 2006: Rex Harrison & Jacob Schmidt
  • 2005: Kelsey Camp & Amy Stewart
  • 2004: Amanda Togliatti & Jessica Dalziel
  • 2003: Ashley Kimbro
  • 2002: Katie Kruck
  • 2001: Katie Kruck & Lindsey Wisz
  • 2000: Justin Kirchner & Lindsey Wisz
  • 1999: Amanda Dalziel
  • 1998: Jason Meents
  • 1997: Jason Meents
  • 1996: Lynn Bailey
  • 1995: Noah Rorem
  • 1994: Meredith Gribble
  • 1993: Erin King & Steven Metzer
  • 1992: Ryan Fox & Denys Berta
  • 1991: Ryan Fox & Richard Patrick

In addition to the Art Portfolio competition, RCHS brought home four ribbons in the Media Specialty awards as well. Congratulations to Rhianna Roeglin for winning two ribbons in Painting and Mixed Media as well as Ben Osick and Jimmy Winkler for winning ribbons for their Self-Portrait Drawings.

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