A Spring Band Concert


The 7th/8th Grade Band and High School Concert Band will have a concert this evening at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium.  No admission.  You’ll get to hear the bands at their best!  Both bands will be performing their contest music for the April/May Organizational Contests.  Hope to see you there!

Below is a short interview with RCHS Band Director, Addie Dennis, about this evening’s concert.

What kind of music will be performed in tonight’s concert?

The concert tonight is a pre-IHSA Organizational Contest concert.  Since January, we have been rehearsing three pieces for the April 18th contest.  Tonight is a chance for the 7th/8th Grade Band and HS Concert Band to get to “show off” their skills before we play for the judges. 

What exactly goes into preparing for a RCHS concert?

Many hours of individual practice and band rehearsal goes into preparing for a concert.  I always like to pick out pieces that stretch their ability.  So, we sightread, listen to professional/collegiate recordings and then begin the hard work of learning to play the right notes at the right time.  After that, we work on balance and blend, dynamics, articulations, and musicality. We invite in guest conductors from area colleges to listen and work with the group before performances and we work on perfecting and “polishing” up until the day of!

Anything else you’d like to add about the concert tonight?

We are playing three pieces tonight:  Esprit De Corps by Robert Jager.  The piece was commissioned by the United States Marine Band in 1984.  It encompasses the feeling of pride, fellowship, and loyalty within a group.  Also, it is in honor of Colonel John Bourgeois  who was a dramatic and spirited conductor of the Marine Band.  The second piece is a beautiful transcription of a choral piece titled:  O Magnum Mysterium.  It has lush harmonies and simple melody lines that combine for a powerful musical work. The Directorate, the third piece, is a traditional Sousa march composed in 1893.

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