Industrial Technology Department is in “Project Heaven”


The Industrial Technology Department at Reed-Custer High School is in “project heaven” during the second semester at RCHS.  The classes being taught this semester, as usual, are heavy on the “hands-on” side of education.  The classes are taught by Mr. Michael Engfer (in his 34th-and final- year) and Mr. Scott Ward (in his 33rd year, 24th at R-C).

In Mr. Engfer’s Energy Utilization class, the students are examining the effects and consequences of various energy sources. Soon, they will be starting their Rube Goldberg machines.

In Mr. Ward’s Cabinetmaking classes, the first year students are currently working on their custom projects.  The class will have the rest of the year to complete these projects that they will take with them upon completion. 

Production Technology students are in the first unit of the class, Construction.  After learning about strengths and weaknesses of various designs, the students are currently finishing up their bridges that they have designed and then built out of balsa wood.  They will then destroy their works by finding out the failure weight and efficiency of the structures.  They will then move onto the house construction phase of the unit.

Transportation Technology students are learning the techniques and technology used in Land Transportation.  After completing their Experimental Vehicle Activity, they have moved onto the CO2 Dragsters…our most time-consuming and exciting project. After designing and building the basswood dragsters to a couple dozen specifications, we will race them against each other in a fun-filled day of competition.

The Drafting Practices class has learned how to draw and utilize many types of geometric constructions, and is now putting that knowledge to use in the construction of numerous engineering drawings.  Orthographic projections, dimensioning, sections, auxiliary views, and developments are some of the different types they will come across this semester.

The Industrial Tech. Department should be an exciting place this spring with many educational, useful, and interesting projects coming out of the classes.

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