Homecoming Week 2014: “A Night of Heroes”


Each day this week there will be dress up competitions as well as the Penny Jug Competition. Dance tickets will be on sale for $12 during the week and $15 at the door the night of the dance (Saturday).

Dress Up Days: [students will be counted during period 2]

  • Monday: Sports/College Gear
  • Tuesday: Clash/Crazy Hair/Gender Swap Day
  • Wednesday: Super Hero/Villain
  • Thursday: Class Color Day
    • Seniors: Green
    • Juniors: Blue (not denim)
    • Sophomores: Orange
    • Freshmen: Red
  • Friday: Black and Gold Day

Class Games: [Tuesday and Thursday]

We will have two days of Class Games, one day will be in the field house and the other day will be outside on the track in front of the home bleachers. Student Council rep, Janet Johnston, will make the call depending on the weather.  On both those days we will be on a  special “Game Day Schedule” that will be here on the Chatter blog.

Inside Games:

  • class pyramid
  • guys volleyball
  • superhero count
  • inner tube relay

Outside Games:

  • superhero to the rescue obstacle course
  • “save the world” penny toss
  • “drown out crime” balloon toss
  • “save the citizen”
  • Heroes vs Villains

Wednesday, October 1:  Crown our King and Queen / Powder Puff Football / Bonfire / Pep Rally…begins at 6:30pm

Friday, October 3: Homecoming Parade @ 2:00pm. The parade begins at Reed-Custer Intermediate School and ends at the Reed-Custer Middle School. The JV football game begins at 5:30pm. Comets host Lisle Lions.

Saturday, October 4: Homecoming Dance from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.

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