Chatter Newscast for the Week of May 5th


The Chatter newscast for the week of May 5-12 has been uploaded to our YouTube Channel. This episode has a running time of 9 minutes 6 seconds and includes the following:

  • Headlines for this week
  • Commercials for both Chorus concert and Band concert
  • Weather forecast
  • Looking Ahead to important events in the month of May
  • Sports this week
  • Comet Question of the Week with Mr. Scasny (trivia)
  • Lunch menu for the week

**We made a couple mistakes! The “Looking Back” portion of the Chatter newscast says graduation practice is on Friday, May 22nd. Well, the Friday part is right but the date is May 23rd. Also in the Sports portion of the newscast, we said the Track I-8 Conference Meet at Seneca on Thursday, May 8th would begin at 4:00. It begins at 3:00. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

Click here to watch the video on the YouTube Channel.

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