Factor In Another Successful Competition for the Mathletes


The Math Team recently competed at the JJC Invitational and some students placed 1st and 2nd in their events. Congratulations to the the Trig Equations team on 2nd place:  Kelly Saltzman, Brian Tedeschi, Jessica Hamilton, Faith Griffiths, Shannon Bourke, and Orion Yeck. Congratulations to the Sequences and Series team on 1st place:  Doug Ganster, Nick Murphy Jesse Seibert, Dan Walski, Gracie Griffiths, and Haley Richey. Congrats to the Parallel Lines team on a 1st place:  Cameron Layne, Jimmy Winkler, Brandon Harding, Lauren Adams, Emma Johnson, and Liz Vecera. And most importantly, congrats to Brian Tedeschi and Orion Yeck for 1st place in the oral presentation on Rotation of Axes and to Orion Yeck and Kelly Saltzman for 2nd place in the oral presentation in the Precise Definition of a Limit.

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